West Pier, Brighton

Unique handmade bags and bibs from Brighton & Hove, UK  

Adult Bibs
Adult Bibs Adult Bibs Adult Bibs 

Our Dandini Bibs are high quality, practical, elegant and stylish - perfect for people who need a little help when eating or drinking. Each one is unique and pleasing to the eye, giving a personal touch!

The bibs feature a wonderfully unique and vintage look. They aren't mass-produced - our stock is what you see.

They are handmade from sturdy upcycled fabric samples, predominantly cotton/linen, and pre-washed/shrunk at 40°C. The backing is made from new 100% strong cotton, and the neck has a Velcro closure.

These bibs are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Unique handmade Adult Bibs (LARGE): 84-87 cm height by 50-56 cm width.
(3 items - ALL SOLD)
Unique handmade Adult Bibs (MEDIUM): 74-80 cm height by 53-56 cm width.
(14 items, £27.99 each)
Unique handmade Adult Bibs (SMALL): 64-75 cm height by 36-40 cm width.
(9 items, £25.99 each)