West Pier, Brighton

Unique handmade bags and bibs from Brighton & Hove, UK  

Opera Zimmer Bag 804 
Going out? These unique handmade Opera Zimmer Bags are an elegant accessory for the opera, theatre or a family event! Designed to fit zimmer frames, and most wheelchair arms and bed rails.
(10 items, £29.99 each)
Dandini Zimmer bag 
Unique handmade Dandini Zimmer Bags designed to fit over the top bar of a zimmer frame, and on most wheelchair arms and bed rails.
(35 items, £25.99 - £29.99)
Dandini Glasses Bags 
Unique handmade Glasses Bags designed for glasses or smaller mobile phones.
(1 item, £6.50 each)
Tote Bag 170 
Unique handmade Tote Bags using recycled/upcycled fabric.
(25 items, £19.99 each)