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Dandini Zimmer Bag 525


Our unique handmade 'Dandini' Zimmer Bags are designed to fit over the top bar of a zimmer frame, on most transport wheelchair arms, and on bed rails, secured by Velcro. Great for carrying almost anything!

The bags are made from high-quality designer fabrics, mostly cotton/linen.

Each bag has one or two inside pockets and a ca. 22cm strap with a metal safety hook at the end, to easily attach (and find!) keys or similar.

Designed for strength and safely secured with large Velcro strips, each bag has enough space for a book, newspaper, glasses, medication, water bottle, purse etc. - a must-have for independence!

Warm hand wash is recommended.

(The Length is the total with the bag opened out, and the Height and Width are the approximate size as seen when attached - see images. The Height can be more or less, depending on how you join the Velcro pieces.)

Stock no: BTL525

Height: 36 cm
Length: 59 cm
Width: 34 cm

£24.99 (delivery to the UK only at present)